Shogun Running Shoe

Shogun is a running shoe that has an inner shoe that fits snugly to your foot as a second skin.
Created for both outside and inside use, when reaching the gym you can take off your running shoe and work out in the inner shoe, saving both yourself and people at the gym precious time.


Health has become a vital part of our lives and millions of people exercise every day. At the same time we live in a busy society where time is highly valued. 

Outdoor shoes are often not allowed indoors, making it difficult to run to the gym as a part of warming up – without bringing an extra pair of shoes. Because of this people are instead forced to use treadmills or exercise bikes at the gym for getting warm, with long lines as a result.

The Shogun Running Shoe project explores the potential of everyday products that could help us save time – whilst we are improving our health.

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