In the project “Inget Mög” we used the design process  to creatively explore ideas on recycling and handling hazardous waste to develop innovative concepts that will encourage and engage the people of Malmö to actively improve the environment.


Recycling of waste has been one key focus in creating a more sustainable environment throughout Sweden, and the rest of the world, for the past decades and has seen a great improvement overall. In Sweden every household can now separate their waste into several categories which is then collected and recycled by the municipals at each house or building complex.

Most categories are covered by this service but some are not, and hazardous waste is one of them. This category demands people educated in how to handle the waste safely, which as of yet is not economically feasible in terms of household waste collection. This means that people need to know what products fall under the hazardous waste category, and then transport it to a recycling station, often on the outskirts of cities and towns.

There is a big personal responsible to do this, and do it correctly, which is not that easy. Long distances to the recycling stations and lack of knowledge and time all make the process of handling hazardous waste a hurdle for most households.

The project has resulted in identifying issues in several areas concerning people’s behavior and attitudes regarding household products categorized as hazardous and led to a focus on handling, gathering and communication of chemicals in the category.

Based on what we found several concepts were developed, big and small, each improving the recycling in their own way. The concepts have been developed based on needs, the specific target group and overarching functions that is needed for each concept to work in a sustainable perspective.

The future of our environment depends on each and every one of us, and it is our responsibility to do the best we can to lead a sustainable way of living. We hope that this project will be a small step in the right direction towards a better future.

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