Food In Space

In collaboration with NASA, the Food In Space project focus on food systems during long duration space missions. The aim was to improve issues of storage, weight and effectiveness while keeping the astronauts healthy


During two weeks research was conducted at NASA Space Center in Houston, Texas. We interviewed experts and astronauts and evaluated concepts for food systems used today, in the past and planned for the future.

Through the research we identified the meaning of food for astronauts, both physically and mentally. Astronauts don’t have much appetite in the mornings and food rarely taste anything in space – hot sauce is used on everything. From our research we drew the conclusion that the food system used today; consisting mainly of dehydrated food, would mean serious issues when it comes to storage, waste and food quality on long duration space missions.

The Food In Space project resulted in a new system using concentrated tablets of nutrition. This system takes considerably less space, minimizes trash and makes sure that the astronauts receive all the nutrients they need. Nutrional tablets are used as food replacement for 1 meal a day, preferably breakfast.

The bottle uses the on-board system for water, making sure that no water is wasted. The tablets mix with water in the container and is ready to drink in seconds. To clean the bottle you connect it at both ends with the air ventilation on-board the shuttle. The airflow will dry clean the bottle without any waste. The bottle is made of several layers of textile, each with different attributes that together make it durable and easy to clean.

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