FC Versatile

FC Versatile is a light scooter with Hydrogen Fuel Cells as the power source – as clean as battery driven vehicles but having the efficiency of conventional fossil fuel vehicles. The engine is located in the rear wheel, powered by Höganäs Direct Drive System.


Today’s strife for lowered emissions and use of fossil fuels will be a widespread priority in the future. The FC Versatile project try to be an inspiration for the future by exploring a potentially huge market for the urban commuter. This is a target group with the majority looking for a vehicle fulfilling everyday needs while still being flexible. The scooter gives the user the opportunity to personalize by adding or changing equipment attached to the framework, i.e a carrier for extra loading or changing the seat. 

The concept was evaluated with engineers and people in the target group in categories such as; theft, safety, weather, comfort and expression.

The rear wheel has a one-sided suspension making it easier to handle and service.  The rear wheel has a one-sided suspension making it easier to handle and service.

The helmet can be placed and locked onto a foldable frame, which also serves as a holder for extra luggage. The scooter use a standard inlet for gas and the tank can be filled in under a minute.

With wireless connection you can start the system and use applications such as GPS through the scooter interface. You can load data about user statistics to your computer, comparing with earlier logs or users. 

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