Outpost Industrial Design

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Outpost is an industrial design consultancy situated in Malmö, Sweden.  United by a passion for idea-driven design we execute design-craftsmanship with a strong visual expression.  We work directly with companies as well as collaborate with other agencies.


We value physical prototyping in the development of new products to gain insights how they look, feel and will be received. Our different work spaces concists of 3D-printers as well as traditional handtools and machinery.


In order to create succesful products and systems we have to understand the people that will use them.  Our design process helps us understand what people want right now – but also their wants and needs in the future. We believe that connecting people with technology through design is the key to business success. We work hard to integrate innovation and lifestyle in our projects to make the user experience better, the solutions smarter and the result meaningful.


Our design process is transparent and flexible. Working with talented people within diverse disciplines in our network we keep things honest and focused. We listen and execute on our partner’s needs and those of their customers and collaborate on a clear set of goals through out the process.


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